Blockchain Perfected.

Telos is a smart-contract blockchain built to support the economies of the future.


Learn about the Telos blockchain network and how it can span across industries.


Documentation and education for developers deploying applications on Telos.

Telos Solutions

The Telos Network has a core development team of 25+ members and an auxiliary developer community of 200+ members. This allows the Telos chain to innovate at speeds other blockchains are incapable of. The result is up-to-date, high quality code ready for deployment.

To speak to a Telos representative, please send an email to


Trail is a network-wide voting platform with an extensive suite of voting services available to any member of the Telos Blockchain Network.

Telos Blockchain Solutions

Deployment as-a-service provided by a multi-national consortium of developers and system operators.



dStor is a secure and scalable decentralized storage solution based on IPFS with an economic model that is beneficial to users and node operators.

Test Networks

Telos Stagenet and Telos Testnet are network playgrounds where the developer community can test and manage implementations of code for initial and final testing prior to mainnet deployment

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What’s the Big Deal About Decentralized Storage?

What’s the Big Deal About Decentralized Storage?

Imagine if you had really important data that you wanted to keep secure… Yeah.  Who doesn’t. Ever had a hard drive crash? Ever have your data stolen from some place like Home Depot, Albertsons, or Experian? Ever lost a flash drive with something important? Maybe I am...

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Different Coins and Their Functions

Different Coins and Their Functions

A cryptocurrency token is a unit of digital currency that is exchanged on a blockchain. Unlike many traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies have versatile utility; they can be used to trade contracts, titles of ownership services, and more. Traditionally there are...

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Blockchain for Financial Services

Blockchain for Financial Services

Recently, I was browsing through articles on my LinkedIn and came across an article called,  In Their Own Words – The Reasons Why the Current, Major Blockchains are not Solutions for the Financial Services. The title intrigued me as I am deeply involved in the...

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