Telos Blockchain Solutions

Where Purpose Meets People

Telos is a smart-contract blockchain built to support the economies of the future.

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Learn about the Telos blockchain network and how it can span across industries.

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Documentation and education for developers deploying applications on Telos.

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A suite of tools and resources to help navigate the Telos blockchain ecosystem.

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Blockchain Perfected


A suite of tools designed to help devolopers build on telos

Decide is a network interface with a suite of voting and community management services available to developers and users on the Telos Network.

Do you have an app that can change the world? We can help. Works is a perpetual funding system designed to fund Telos Network projects by developers and content creators like you.

dStore is a secure, scalable, decentralized storage solution based on IPFS with an economic model benefiting both users and node operators.

Test Networks

Need a place to test what you are working on? Our Stagenet and Testnet are playgrounds where developers can test and manage implementations of code prior to mainnet deployment.