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where people meet purpose

1% of people own 40% of the world's wealth; let's create wealth for the other 99%

how do we do that? by leveraging applications on internet 3.0


examples of how internet 3.0 will help distribute wealth

dstor as compared to aws

dstor is the only scalable implementation of decentralized storage currently available. dstor runs on the Telos blockchain and offers an economic model that benefits both users and storage node operators. This means that instead of hording the wealth, dstor’s software collects and redistributes the wealth to users and node operators.

aws (amazon web services) is the most popular hosting solution in 2020. most of amazon’s profits come from aws. amazon uses these profits to subsidize its delivery services and drive competitors out of business by sustaining artificially low operating costs.

newlife as compared to instagram

newlife is a decentralised social network making cultural data accessible and useful to creatives, brands and consumers. it shares its profits with its users through a universal creator income. 

instagram is a data harvesting site that sells users data to third parties and asserts ownership over all its users content. it does not share its profits with its users. 


angry warlord as compared to temple run

angry warlord is a runner game that rewards users for their achievements with their GEMS cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can then be traded for other cryptos and cashed out for local fiat currencies. 

temple run is the most popular runner game on itunes. if you do well in the game you will get your name on a public leaderboard. 

Developer Testimonial

“When we considered a technology stack, it was important to find a network that aligned with our vision to use technology to enable a new paradigm for humanity and our planet.

Telos with its focus on decentralized governance helps us create networks that truly give the power to people. Now, we are perfectly situated to usher in a completely new, global economy that is meant to benefit people and our planet.”

– Reiki

Sponsor Testimonial

The high quality of teams involved in Telos immediately attracted me to the space. While most blockchain projects aim to pad developer’s pockets, Telos projects aim to change the world.

– Leah

User Testimonial


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what are #tlos? #tlos are coins that power the telos network. think of telos  as tokenized ownership on the telos blockchain; if telos was a neighborhood, #tlos would be the houses. the more tlos you stake, the more #tlos you earn. #tlos APR is currently 14%. stake your #tlos today.

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