“We have come to discover what we suspect is a new political mindset emerging among a younger generation of political leaders socialized on Internet communications. Their politics are less about right versus left and more about centralized and authoritarian versus distributed and collaborative.”

– Jeremy Rifkin

Telos History

June – December 2018

After a year long ICO that raised 4 billion dollars on the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC-20 EOS Token, Block.One released the EOSIO software to the public on June 1, 2018. A little over a month later, Telos was started by a group of EOSIO software enthusiasts, block producers (also known as miners) and developers who had a vision of what they could do with the software. This vision was about making the most out of the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) mechanism and building a governed public blockchain that could operate effectively beyond the traditional “code is law” mindset.

This group quickly grew to more than 120 people from around the world, from teams based in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. This decentralized community became known collectively as the Telos Launch Group (TLG). This group self-organized into multiple work groups with various focus and agendas from coding, development, security, hardware, outreach for exchange listing, public relations, marketing etc.

The goal was to launch a fully functioning public blockchain network with:

  • Built in Dispute Resolution Contract
  • On chain node operator standards with functioning systems in place that would provide clear enforcement of those standards
  • An inflation supported Worker Proposal System that would provide for continued enhancement of the network
  • An inverse weighted voting protocol designed to discourage collusion and increase participation
  • IPFS (Telos Interplanetary File System)
  • Resources Administration program.
  • Working Ratify and Amend Contract for Stakeholders
  • Functioning and tested Wallets & Explorers
  • Minimum of 40 Block Producers
  • At least one Exchange Listing
  • Two Testnets
  • A neutral network support and promotion organization (The Telos Foundation).

Armed with a pre-launch checklist the TLG worked for several months until all the desire pieces were in place before launching in December 2018.  

The Telos Foundation (TF) was created by the Telos Launch Group upon launch of the network. It is an apolitical organization with a mission to aid in the promotion and improvement of the Telos Network in three distinct ways:

  • Promoting the network through grants and administration to advertise, market, engage in social media, live events, and teaching opportunities that raise the profile and inform and expand the user-base.
  • Underwriting expenses that increase the functionality of the Telos Network outside the Worker Proposal System.
  • Maintaining a published guidance price for Telos Network RAM and both trading based on this price and offering sales at this price to qualified developers. when the market price for RAM is more than 10% above the published guidance price. Advise BPs of adhoc and/or gradual RAM increases.

*Adapted from telosfoundation.io/foundation

Team Telos

“Team Telos” was a name conceived on the fly when some people were trying to identify a decentralized group of Marketing, Public Relations, and Design professionals, who came together to support the Telos Network by collaborating with Telos Block Producers and the Telos Foundation to give a face and voice to Telos.

In the world of centralized business, creating an identity and providing a hub of information is not easy but it is straightforward within a centralized hierarchy. In a decentralized model such an undertaking becomes a feat of connecting people around the world, overcoming challenges from language to leadership to achieve a common goal of branding, messaging and information dissemination.

There are many who have contributed their time, creative resources, ideas, wisdom and guidance to give the Telos Network a voice, from before launch until the present.  The early days of the Telos Worker Proposal System, made it possible for these people to fund and see these initial efforts come to fruition. This website and the associated branding is one of the projects completed by us and funded by the Telos Worker Proposal System, proposal ID #9 by romannanders.