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business solutions - Telos Blockchain Network

business solutions

“Blockchain technology has such a wide range of transformational use cases, from recreating the plumbing of Wall Street to creating financial sovereignty in the farthest regions of the world.”

― Perianne Boring





The global blockchain technology market is expected to reach 28 billion by 2025. Is your business ready?

Eighty-four percent of executives in the United States have said they are looking into utilizing blockchain technology for their companies. Industry titans such as IBM, Linux, and Facebook have begun incubating their own blockchain solutions, and demands by students at universities for degrees in blockchain have skyrocketed.

But there is a problem. Most public blockchains on the market do not have the capacity to run sophisticated applications, let alone function as the backbone of the internet.

The market is demanding blockchain, but can blockchain deliver?

Telos can.

The blockchains that will usher in the Internet of Value (Web 3.0) will need to be fast, secure, scalable, decentralized, and cost-effective. These are characteristics that are inherent to the makeup of the Telos Network. This makes the Telos Network Ideal for functional business solutions.

scale-able business solutions


Telos can process over 4,000 transactions per second (TPS) on its public blockchain, and can process even more transactions when established as a private blockchain. Compare this to Visa which maxes out at 1,700 TPS.

Fast business solutions


With the ability to process thousands of transactions per second, the Telos Blockchain is extremely low latency. For comparison, Bitcoin is at 7 TPS and Etherium is at 12 TPS.

Green Business solutions


Unlike other blockchains that run on a POW based software, Telos is powered by a DPOS based software that is 66,000 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin, and 17,000 times more efficient than Ethereum.

Decentralized business solutions


The importance of true decentralization cannot be emphasized enough. The security of centralized networks has proven to be a farce. From social media tampering to the ability of a country to simply shut down infrastructure with the flip of a switch, protecting your business through a widely decentralized infrastructure in invaluable.

Governance business solutions


Telos provides the highest level of security with base layer governance controls built in, utilizing transparent processes that determine how users can interact with the network including: arbitration as a service, and code-enforced standards for network custodians.

Cost effective business solutions

Cost Effective

While legacy blockchains charge users for transactions, Telos has completely eliminated transaction fees for users. What’s more, launching with Telos means low cost and abundant resources including RAM, CPU and bandwidth.

Telos Solutions Suite

Telos is defined as “the ultimate purpose of a thing.”

The Telos Network was built to be the blockchain network that ACTUALLY WORKS. While other blockchains sell an idea, Telos sells solutions. Use cases include: launching an application; secure, decentralized storage; immutable voting mechanisms, value transfer between networks, etc. Telos has the resources businesses need to plan, test, and execute their vision.

*The list below is not an exhaustive list.



dStor is a secure and scalable decentralized storage solution based on IPFS with an economic model that is beneficial to users and node operators.


Decide is a network-wide voting platform with an extensive suite of voting services available to any member of the Telos Blockchain Network.

Telos Network Liaison

Our team will connect you with the people and tools you need to make use of the Telos Blockchain for your business.

Test Networks

Telos Stagenet and Telos Testnet are network playgrounds where the developer community can test and manage implementations of code for initial and final testing prior to mainnet deployment.


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