Web 3.0 promises to return the internet to the hands of users. This movement utilises advances in peer-to-peer (p2p) technology like blockchains to build services that protect users over profits. Its decentralised, peer-to-peer nature provides a hard technological cap to the possible accumulation of power and data in the hands of monopolists.”

―, What The Heck is Web 3.0 Anyway?

Individual Responsibility.

Engagement in blockchain & cryptocurrency activity is ALWAYS the responsibility of the user.

Each individual operates at their own risk.

These tool links below were last updated 17 January, 2020.  Each application is controlled by its owners/developers.
The listings below are for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement. 


Look for the TLOS Ticker on these exchanges:



Chainrift is a decentralized marketplace for digital currencies, with a TLOS/EOS trading pair.


Newdex has become the largest EOS based Decentralized Exchange. Supporting multiple EOSIO Chains as well as TRON.


p2pb2b‌ is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefitof its users with processing speed of up to 10,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections. 


A centralized one-stop crypto-currency trading platform with MFA, 24/7 multi-language customer service.


CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets, built on vanguard security infrastructure and revolutionary reward system.


No Commision, fully ON-CHAIN exchange. Create markets in one click, list your dapp token for one click, trade whatever you want.

Desktop Wallets

Sqrl is the one stop wallet created by Telos Miami, one of the Telos Network Founders.  Compatible with all EOSIO chains, it is the first wallet to offer puchase of TLOS, EOS and BTC natively without an exchange.

Scatter is a desktop wallet that currently supports Telos, EOS, Tron, and ETH. Watch the video tutorial below for information on how to configure Scatter.
Video Tutorial

EOS-Voter created by the EOS BP team Greymass. They are known for their block production infrastructure and data security measures.

SimplEOS created by EOS Rio, this wallet is one of the most simple wallets to use. This wallet would be a great starting place for beginners.

EOS Lynx is the first EOS wallet built for everyday use that supports Telos.

Mobile Wallets


Pgyer is a leading mobile application distribution platform. The Awake wallet is a mobile wallet supports several EOSIO chains.

EOS Lynx 

EOS Lynx is the first EOS wallet built for everyday use that supports Telos.

Math Wallet

Math Wallet is a mobile wallet that allows you to scan a QR code on their website to download their wallet instantaneously.

My EOS Wallet

My EOS Wallet is an easy to use and safe wallet that supports multiple EOSio chains, including TELOS. Developed by AtticLab

CoolX Wallet

The CoolX Wallet makes working w/ Telos & EOS accounts simple for ordinary users. Create a new account or import an existing account in seconds. by EOSZA

Telos Wallet

The Telos Wallet (iOS & Android) aims to be the most user friendly wallet for TLOS, allows easy access to all of the Telos Network Governance Features. by Daniel Uzcategui

Ledger Compatible Wallets

EOS Authority 

EOS Authority is a block producer candidate focused on software & infrastructure.

Ledger, Scatter & Mobile Wallet Compatible.

My EOS Wallet 

My EOS Wallet is provided by AtticLab and is a web-based wallet interface.

Scatter & Ledger Nano S Compatible.

Web Based Wallet Interfaces

EOS Toolkit 

EOSToolKit is a web-based wallet with extended functionality & features, compatible with multiple EOSio chains, including Telos using Scatter.
Developed by Genereos.

Telos Portal

Telos Portal is provided by TelosGermany and is based on eostoolkit originally developed by GenerEOS.

Scatter & Sqrl Compatible.


EOSX is a web-based wallet interface, similar to the EOS toolkit wallet interface, that is compatible with Telos. Developed by EOS Asia.

Scatter Compatible

Learn more.

If you want to read a great explanation of what a cryptocurrency wallet is, we recommend you read this comprehensive article on wallets by Blockgeeks.

Need an account?

Telos Foundation Monitor Keypair Generator

EOS Vibes account creator  ($)

Telos Miami built the Sqrl Wallet with many features including key generations and account creation.

If you have a wallet you would like to add to our list please reach out to us at