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decide - Telos Blockchain Network


offers a comprehensive suite of blockchain-based voting services available to any prospective voter or contract developer on the Telos Blockchain Network.


Revolutionizing the way businesses and communities vote


Telos Decide’s primary purpose is to consolidate all of the common boilerplate functions of voting contracts into a single chain-wide service available to organizations, developers, and general users.

For developers, this means they can leave the user registration, token management, and vote tracking up to Decide, and instead design their contracts to listen for Decide to broadcast final ballot results. External Smart Contracts can then contractually interpret and act on these broadcasts according to their own criteria.




  • TOKEN DEVELOPMENT: Decide lets developers create their own tokens and control how they’re distributed.
  • DEPLOYMENT FLEXIBILITY: Tokens created on Decide inherit all the platform features and count as votes when they’re used to vote on something. So Decide Tokens = Votes!
  • CONTRACT HOOKS: Developers can hook their own contracts into Decide so they can immediately act on final ballot results. Decide will broadcast ballot results to other contracts, so no need to do table look-ups.
  • COMMITTEE MANAGEMENT: Decide can manage any group like the Telos Foundation Board or the Jedi Council.
  • PROFITABLE WORKER ECONOMY: Decide employs a league of dedicated workers to perform work on the platform, like cleaning up old votes or re-balancing active votes. Workers are paid in TLOS for their efforts.
  • LIGHT BALLOTS: This lets developers count votes off-chain, saving RAM and resources, but keeps all the votes traceable.
  • ADVANCED VOTING METHODS: Users can decide how their ballot will count votes, with multiple options to chose from: 1 account/1 vote, 1 token/1 vote, quadratic, etc.

Explore the Github

 Want to learn more? Visit the Telos Github and explore some of the smart contracts that provide the basic functionality for the Telos blockchain.

Join the Community

Join the Telegram Developers group and get your questions about Telos Decide answered by experienced EOSIO blockchain developers, and launch your application today.