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dstor - Telos Blockchain Network


Telos Decentralized Storage is such a unique implementation of IPFS that it needed its own name. dStor runs on the Telos blockchain and is the only scalable implementation of decentralized storage currently available, built with an economic model that benefits both users and node operators.

dStor: Built to be the Backbone of the New Internet

Outside the scope of a relatively small percentage of the internet that exists on decentralized servers, content on the Internet is centralized. That means that almost everything done online is reliant on a handful of centralized entities around the globe.

dStor allows applications a way to store data that provides high levels of resiliency and security for a fraction of the price of centralized server solutions.

Benefits of dStor:

SPEED – dStor fixes the huge drawback of the low speed of regular IPFS.

RESILIENCY – No need for a centralized company to ensure uptime.

EFFICIENCY – HTTP downloads files one-by-one from a host computer. dStor downloads multiple files from multiple computers simultaneously.

DECENTRALIZATION – Node operators are incentivized to participate in the system. 

VERSATILITY – Files can be stored in any format, including encryption and sharding. 

SECURITY – Through decentralization, file encryption and sharding. 

GDPR COMPLIANT – Files are controlled by the owner and can be deleted.

PLEASE NOTE – dStore is currently in a closed beta. To learn more about dStor, or request a demonstration, please email info@telosblockchain.com.

Explore the Github

Want to learn more?

Visit the Telos Github and explore some of the smart contracts that provide the basic functionality for the Telos blockchain.