Telos Blockchain Solutions is a London based Consultancy launched to provide guidance and deployment as a service for applications and enterprise businesses on the Telos blockchain network.


Providing white glove service to help businesses and applications deploy on the Telos Network.


Telos Blockchain Solutions (TBS) is comprised of a group of developers, system administrators, innovators, and thought leaders that helped bring the Telos Blockchain to fruition.

TBS consults with businesses at all stages from initial exploration to final deployment. TBS can help take an application from conception to completion, or help retrofit an existing project that may benefit from the Telos ecosystem.



  • IOTT/EDGE COMPUTING DEVICES: Record real-time data from countless devices without fees or latency.
    • Deploy highly scalable solutions
    • Record data clear or encrypted
    • Enable micro-payments to devices
    • Incentivize data validation via tokenization
  • SUPPLY/DISTRIBUTION CHAIN TRACKING: Trace parts, materials, products and processes wherever your industry takes them.
    • High-speed data recording
    • Trustless shared data set
    • IoT integration
    • Predictable costs
  • SHARED RESOURCE USE TRACKING: Track usage of shared resources to facilitate billing, liability, and income with immutable records of:
    • Usage amount
    • Usage time and condition
    • Contributions
    • Maintenance
    • Incident reports
  • LICENSE AND CREDENTIAL MANAGEMENT: Issue, publish, update and revoke licenses and credentials in realtime with high availabilty and security
    • Credentials can be issued by multiple parties
    • Instant verification worldwide
    • Verify-only options with data privacy
    • Modify or revoke credentials with full traceability