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users - Telos Blockchain Network


Web 3.0 promises to return the internet to the hands of users. This movement utilises advances in peer-to-peer (p2p) technology like blockchains to build services that protect users over profits. Its decentralised, peer-to-peer nature provides a hard technological cap to the possible accumulation of power and data in the hands of monopolists.”

― Forbes.com, What The Heck is Web 3.0 Anyway?

Create an Account

Use the Portal from Telos.Net to create a new account. (Embedded here for your convenience.)



This link will open a new window for the Carbon Portal.  Learn about Carbon and the Carbon/Telos Partnership.
*Does not work in USA or with VPN


A list of exchanges that currently sell the Telos coin (TLOS).


A list of wallets that currently support the Telos coin (TLOS).


A list of blockchain explorers to help users navigate the Telos blockchain.

More User Information & Resources

Click the plus sign below to review the available content and links.  Please let us know through the contact links below if you can’t find something you are looking for.

Guides - Sqrl, Acorns, REX, WPS


SQRL Wallet Tutorial Video created by Telos Miami showing you how to use the SQRL wallet to add tokens.

Acorn Guide The Acorn guide walks you through how to add tokens (in this case Acorn) to your SQRL wallet.

Staking for Rex rewards using the SQRL Wallet – this guide was published by Telos Miami, creator of the SQRL Wallet, watch this demo to learn how to stake your tokens for the Telos Resource Exchange launched 20 August 2019.

Submitting a Worker Proposal using Sqrl Guide  – Guide created by Team Telos, hosted on this site.

Price Explorers

Telos RAM Price
A record of the price of RAM on the Telos network.

Follow real time use of blockchains so you can see where the users are more active.

Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.

Live Coin Watch
Real-time crypto price index with graphs & historical data for 1500+ coins.

CoinGecko is a coin market ranking chart app that ranks digital currencies by developer activity, community, and liquidity.



The Teloscope Bot  allows users to create a free Telos account using Telegram.

BP Teloscope Bot lets you subscribe to several Telos global actions. Whenever one of the subscribed actions is seen on the new blocks a notification is sent on Telegram.

The Telos Price Bot by EOS Barcelona is on Telegram that lets you check the price of Telos and other EOSIO chains.

Dispute Resolution


Telos was created with a built-in dispute resolution program when the chain launched; learn more

Find out what to do if your account is hacked? Watch this informational video on what to do if your Telos account has been compromised. 

Read about how you can create an extra layer of security on your accounts by providing Proof of Ownership.  This action can save your tokens in the event  you lose or have your keys stolen.

Special Use Tools


This web application goes beyond just summarizing block activity but gives details about network voting for worker proposals and block producers, including a proxy voting playground.

Telos BP Stats
This tool gives detailed information about block producer infrastructure.

Telos Central
Built by the BP of the same name, this site 
does a good job of keeping up with developments on Telos and links out, listings are categorized and alphabetized.

Telos Network Monitor
Get vital stats about the current state of the Telos blockchain.

EOSIO Information

EOSIO is the software that power the Telos blockchain. Below are resources that individuals interested in EOSIO can utilize in their quest to learn more about the software.

EOSIO Official Website is maintained by block.one, the company that created the EOSIO software.

All the EOSio/EOS Software releases are listed on this GitHub page. Recommendation: Run Telos along with Nodeos from this Repo.

The official EOSIO developer portal.