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Submit WPS Using the Sqrl Wallet - Telos Blockchain Network

How To:


Submit a funding proposal for building the Telos network using the Telos Worker Proposal System (WPS).

Before You


These instructions assume you already have an account from which you will submit your worker proposal and that it is loaded with enough funds (3% of the first cycle) for your deposit as well as enough RAM to submit the transaction.  If you don’t have enough resources, your proposal will not go through, so it is best to make sure you have a little extra, just in case.

Step 1

Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Sqrl Wallet and are up to date.  Check your version in the top left corner and compare to the latest version found at the link.

Step 2

Open Sqrl, make sure you are connected to Telos Mainnet, select your desired wallet and unlock.

Step 3

Click the (1) Governance Tab, followed by (2) Worker Proposals and (3) Submit New Proposal.

Step 4

Fill out the form using your information (see illustration below) and upload your Proposal file (preferably PDF) where indicated.  Note that the “.” in the requested amount represents a decimal point (American style) so this image is depicting a request for 11345 TLOS.   Click Confirm


Step 5

Now review your submission and click the Go Back button to make changes or click Submit Proposal to Complete your submission. After this you will get a transaction confirmation message and in a couple minutes you can open voting for your proposal. 🙂


Step 6

With the proposals tab and click the orange box to the right, next to your new proposal to open it and click the Start Ballot button.  Your proposal is now open for voting.

You can now begin promoting your proposal to the community.